• b24fun.ro - entertainment guide Bucuresti

  • Bebelusultau.ro  | Everything for the Romanian baby, the "bebelus"

  • Bestauto.ro | Cars and car parts, great site for the natives since all Romanians are born mechanics.

  • Bileteavion.ro  | Online air tickets with departures from Romania. A good site.

  • Best photos Romania - photos from Romania

  • Blueair.ro . | Low cost air company for charter and point to point flights.

  • BRASOV | | Info site on Brasov and the city’s surroundings. A beautiful Romanian city worth seeing at all times of the year. This is a start. Better GO there!

  • BRASOV TRAVEL GUIDE  | The best Brasov guide on the net so far, when you're seeking more than great photos and when you really plan going there.

  • Bucharest-guide.com | The best online guide to the city of Bucharest so far, all aspects of your visit covered..

  • Bucharest Business Week - Newspaper online in English from Bucu - aimed at the business crowd but not only.

  • BUCHAREST SHOPPING MALL | The ultimate mall in Bucharest. Also a modern cinema complex. As their advert on the airport said a few years ago: "We have even running water." Open seven days a week.

  • Bucharest Photos - Photos from the main sites in Bucharest

  • Bucharest-hotels-reservation.com - hotels in Bucharest

  • BUCHAREST-ACCOMMODATION -  Moderately prices flats for rent in the city centre of Bucharest. A perfect alternative to overpriced hotels. Even booking online. Als rent-a-car at reasonable prices.

  • Bucharest-rentacar.ro - rent a car in the Romanian capital

  • Bucharestrent.com  | flats for rent in Bucu for aprx 50 euros a night

  • Bucharest University   | Bucharest University with info in English.

  • Bucharest Stock Exchange - The stock exchange in Bucharest

  • Bucuresti Jewish Theatre - The Jewish Theatre in Bucharest. Unique in Europe

  • Bucurestiwww.ro - What?When? Where??? – magazines are well known on Romanian tourist resorts. This is the net version. The paper version is far better than this somewhat foggy web site.


  • Cazari.ro | A handy site when you're looking for villas, bungalows to rent or just a room in a rural pension. With prices!

  • Carpatair.com  | Romanian point to point air company with flights within and outside Romania

  • Ceausescu.org  -  All about the late Dictator. Whether we like it or not, he was an important part og modern Romania history. Site well done and with perspectives.

  • Central Europe Online  -  Pages on Eastern Europe. But to get more you have to log in and pay.

  • Chettusia.com -  Eco tours Delta

  • Click.ro  - Search engine

  • Constanta - Constanta Online

  • Connect.com.ro-  Glossy magazine about cellphones, palms etc.

  • Cotnari.ro - Tasty Romanian wine! Noroc!

  • Cautama.ro - ."seek me"! Personal ads in plenty



  • Editurakairos.ro  | Norwegian - Romanian publishing firm in Romania with a religious profile.

  • EFOSAN  - Treatments on reumatism in Techirghiol. Very theoretical. Too much really - Trying to scare off common people by sounding over the top  professional

  • Emag.ro  - Online shop

  • Ehotel.ro --- Hotel service, pay in the reception

  • Elvisvilla.ro - Hostels in Brasov and Bucharest owned by some foreigners offering free pints and internet to budget visitors, probably in that order.

  • English Romanian English Dictionary | -Online dictionary Romanian - English

  • EvZ English news -  Romanian newspaper with English versions.


  • Fanclub.ro - | Links to fanclubs on the Romanian pop scene. Also a weekly magazine, "FAN"

  • Finesse.ro - adventures in the Delta

  • FLANCO - .Online shopping from Flanco – electronics and kitchenware. Check the Romanian prices.

  • Focussat.ro - | Romanian sat TV to your dish

  • Fortesys.ro -  Computerware providers in Constanta

  • Football -  Football. Results and tables.

  • Fotografie - Photos a.o from Tg Mures 

  • Freeshop.ro - Perfumes and cosmetics sold online.




www.tourneo.ro |

http://hoteluri-cazare.ro |

www.e-cazari.ro |

www.eastcomfort.ro |

www.i-cazare.ro |

www.cauta-cazare.ro |

www.oferte-de-cazare.ro |

www.all-bucharest-hotels.com |

www.bookingromania.com |

www.romaccommodation.com |

www.smartstays.com/romania |

www.hotelrooms.ro |

www.e-inchirieriapartamente.ro |

www.plaja.ro |

www.ghidulturistic.ro |

www.antrec.ro |

http://www.select-accommodation.ro |

www.mamaia.com |

  • h2h.no - "Hand2Hand"  | Norwegian aid organisation

  • Hagi.ro  | .The national hero and footballer Hagi has his official page up. Private shots and also links to his Mamaia hotel IAKI.

  • Heba.ro | Automobile magazine.

  • Hein Oves side  | Home page by Hein Ove. Norwegian.

  • Hermannstädter Zeitung  - German speaking newspaper for Germans in Romania

  • Hihooy.com - Personal ads and chat

  • Hpresident.com  -The hotel President in the Mangalia resort

  • Hiq.ro  | Homepage of the Romanian pop machine HI-Q

  • Histria   |  HISTRIA – famous ruins outside Constanta from Greek and Roman times.

  • Hmf.ro - Hollywood Music and Film..

  • Home.ro  -  One of the biggest internet page providers in Romania

  • HOTEL VALENTINA - nice hotel in Timisoara

  • IASI -- The big city and former capital of Romania close to the Republic of Moldova is a beautiful place with plenty of churches and history. Good site, but loosen up man and get some real travel help into it. Or at least link us to what's on in this great city.

  • Ibis-tours.ro - Travel agency, among other things offering tours in the Delta.

  • Imobiliare.ro - -The best site for selling, buying and renting properties in Romania.I guess it is the biggest one also.

  • Index2000.ro/ - Search engine 

  • Infoliteral.ro --A very good place to look for all kinds of info about the Romanian seaside. 

  • Infogsm.ro - all you need to know about cellphones sold in Romania. Information and ads.

  • inyourpocket.com- - In our view IN YOUR POCKET is the best travel booklet sold in Romania for the foreign traveler. It is updated regularly and comes as a handy magazine in a small and practical size. This internet service however is just a pale shadow of the magazine itself. The essentials are found though.

  • Ingvars reiser.no | Organised bus tours from Stavanger Norway to Romania.

  • IRISH PUB - The "used-to-be "best pub in Constanta with a flashy and brilliantly made web page.

  • Itshop.ro -  IT-magazine 



  • Let us visit the Village Museum  |The Village Museum in Bucharest. The site is not much but the museum is a wonderful place to be when you're fed up with the dust of the Bucharest city.

  • LINKS "ALL IN ONE"  | A pile of links pretty handy for your special essay on Romania. 

  • Linkuri.com - Search engine.

  • Linux.ro - Linux is free and growing in Romania. Bill Gates too expensive. 

  • LONELY PLANET   -  General hints on traveling in Romania. We love the TV-show - and the book is better than the web. 

  • Lovezone.ro -Personals




  • Olimpestival.ro | Hotels in Olimp

  • Online.ro - Web services and search 

  • Onlinemedia.ro - Listings of Romanian mass media. 

  • Onlinesport.ro -  Romanian online sport.

  • Orange.ro -  The  biggest mobile phone operator in Romania. Bought DIALOG and now the future and anything else is orange. At times the biggest really.






  • U  - interactive music television



  • Zapp.ro - mobil internett

  • Yellowpages.ro -  Romanian White and Yellow pages online

  • Ziare.ro  - Listings of Romanian newspapers

  • Zilesinopti.ro - The web version of the pamphlet handed out for free in the big Romanian cities. Site down at times, then it shows up again a week later

  • Ziua.ro -.daily newspaper with some English page

Media om Romania



Therme Bucuresti


Det rumenske Donaudeltaet er Europas største våtmarksområde med et unikt fugle- og dyreliv.


Fagarasfjellene er det ultimate av rumensk alpine landskap. Her finner du også "verdens herligste vei" ifølge engelske TOP GEAR

Donaudeltaet Romania


BESØK ROMANIA | visitromania.no


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