A few thoughts on tourism on the Romanian seaside ahead of summer 2016


Hotel packages at the Romanian seaside for the summer 2016 are already on sale in several Romanian tourist agencies. It is a new trend actually, since Romanians traditionally plan their holidays at the Black Sea just a few days ahead of the visit. When hot tropical summer weather hits the land, Romanians in the big cities use to flee to the seaside in thousands. And if they are already there and a rainshower or two occur, they flee back home again. “Cazare” – a room for the coming nights - has been resolved on arrival in this tradition.

It has been like this for decades, however things are changing. And for most of us, holidays are also about money, and maybe more so for middle class Romanians due to low salaries.. .Hotel packages for summer 2016 sold in the autumn are cheeaper and contains more than those coming later. At least that is what the travel agencies say.The success of tourism in Transilvania has also influenced the offers and the demands on the LITORAL, -  the Romanian name for the The Romanian Black Sea seaside


Like in other EU countries, the Romanian tourists now tend to want more than just a bed in a hotel and a sunbed on the beach.The internal tourist marked in Romania has altered a lot over the last three years. . People want activities, new experiences, fun and spare time challenges. Including activity offers for the kids if you travel as a family. Something far more than a suntan and an entire week on the beach.The main tourist businesses on the litoral seem to realize the change in the market. The comprehensive use of internet in Romania also makes people more informed and pretentios when selecting offers and prices. Complaints to Romanian consumer institutions have also exploded when something is not as promised. The new Romanian tourist wants more for the money spent, and he or she  does not accept bad service and low standard


The biggest Romanian resort MAMAIA is step by step turning into an ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT. Hotels in this category are not cheap, but Mamaia has always attracted upper class tourists, either foreign or Romanian. Several three star hotels have been upgraded to four star hotels. In other resorts all inclusive hotels are few. However the biggest one since a few years is situated in Mamaia Nord Navodari. In this huge hotel there is actually a water park within the hotel area, heliport, spa, beauty salons, kindergarten with animals, a sightseeing reception, bank services, shops and kitesurfing schools. If you like the all-incusive concept, summer 2016 will be the best so far.


A new bridge is now connecting Constanta with the southern resorts in Agigea.. A motorway bulevard from Mamaia to Navodari is about to be finished making an easy access to all hotels and activities in Mamaia Nord. Also a motorway from Lumina to Navodari is under construction. In Eforie Nord the beautiful faleza walkway is back on the track, and secured.

Train services have become better especially with the private and modern trains Bucuresti -  Constanta – Bucuresti by Softrans. More minibus firms offer quick and frequent transport to and from Otopeni Airport to the seaside resorts, not only Constanta.


One of the most astonishing projects this year has been finished from Eforie to Agigea, where the dry beachline have been extended several metres, at some places 20 metres. Sand wiped out into the sea have been transported back to the beach and added with sand from elsewhere. Actually now there is a continous beachline all the way from Eforie Sud to Agigea and Port Constanta.


The seaside resort of Venus is being renovated comprehensively and the great changes from last summer continues. Some of the most beautiful hotels on the litoral will open here, just a few metres from the sea. When we say new hotels we mean old hotels that are completely renovated and extended.


Last year a new popular adventure park opened in Neptun. More of these kind of parks are on the way in several resorts.These parks offer physical challenges for both adults and kids. The water parks in Mamaia – the big one -  and Eforie Nord – the smaller one -  continue their success, - while a new big one indoors and outdoors water park is being built in Navodari. However not finished until 2017.


Romania has for decades been a great destination for treatments. Now there are brilliant spas also all over the Romanian coastline. A wide range of treatments are offered. But book early because most of them are full during season.


The medical tourism in Romania is now big business. The seaside tourism agents have realised this over the last few years and offer now guided access to beauty salons, to hair dressers, to training studios ,to tatoo studios and even private medical hospitals. Prices are half those in many other countries. The big boost lately is dental service. Romanian dentists are good and cheap.


Pamphlets are now planned for 2016 describing all sport activities on litoral and where you can practise them. In all resorts there are plenty of tennis fields for rent, even with instructors but few tourists know how to address these. KITESURFING SCHOOLS AND RENT- OUTS are scatted all over the coastline and will be even more so summer 2016. Mamaia Nord is considerend the best area for this, especially the less crowded part before Tabara Navodari. The same goes for PARAGLIDING and WATER SKIING:

Water sport  and sailing competitions are also planned in several resorts summer 2016. PAINTBALL fields are easily found in Constanta and Costinesti to mention two resorts..Modern bowling halls are found in resorts like Mamaia, Navodari and Neptun. A centre in Tomis 3 close to City Park Mall offers extreme indoor activities for teenagers and young adults like wall climbing and skateboarding outside. Diving schools exist, the most well known in Eforie Nord. There is even a unique sub water guide for professional divers indicating a sub water track with under water findings all the way from Varna Bulgaria to Constanta Romania. The Tuzla airport offers parachuting classes - also twin jumps for those first or only-once timers. FREE BIKE RENTING is a new trend , also in the big city Constanta by an international bank and elsewhere by the hotel where you stay.


More and more hotels now organise their own guided tours for their guests. In addtion to those from the agencies. THE DANUBE DELTA and the wineyard MURFATLAR are some of the popular local destinations. Also popular are boat services bringing tourists by small boats along the seaside resort or even beyond  - Water scooters can be rented on special locations.. On land ATVs can be rented, also with a guide on a seperate ATV if you want to see more of the surrounding area. So far these offers have been limited to a few resorts. Tuzla Airport offers taxi flights over the Dobrogea  region in small planes-


  • Questions are raised these days about the security of summer clubs and nightclubs at the seaside after the tragedy in Colectiv in Bucharest. In Constanta several all year round clubs have closed in fear of big fines due to the fact that their buildings do not fulfill the security demands. Local media reports on the subject are quite sure that the controls next summer will be more strict for all, hotels, pensions and especially for clubs open just during summer.
  • Some mayors in some resorts are in prison or accused formally for corruption awaiting sentence in their case.. The tourist business fear delays and uncertainty when it comes to decision making ahead of the new season. The local elections taking place spring 2016 hopefully provide better local administration in these cases.
  • CORBU was the big new destination last summer after foreign reports named it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Regrettably Corbu did not cope with the flush of tourists, chaos and garbage all over the place was the result. To avoid a disaster this beach must be included in all of the local and national development structure – now.
  • VAMA VECHE is still in a crossroad. Critics say it is not what it was. “The bohemian resort” is not cheap any more and the bohemian lifestyle is threatened by big financial powers who want to built hotel complexes – according to those critics. Summer 2016 may be one of the last summers before the resort turns into a resort like any other Romanian resort.

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